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Born and raised in the Yorkshire countryside (UK), I have always been passionate about nature and wildlife. I studied Ecology and Conservation Biology at University and landed myself a ‘jumbo sized role’ as an elephant keeper at a UK safari park. I grew deeply fond of the 7 African elephants I cared for day in and out but I wanted to contribute more to ex-situ conservation. So in 2012 I decided to pack my bags and set off in search of a new adventure. Since then I have been travelling the world and capturing the beauty of this planet through photography and blogging.

From a young age I have always been a passionate photographer. I was brought up in the "disposable camera years" and I remember my excitement after a school trip or family holiday taking my cheap disposable camera to the photo shop to get my photos developed. Nowadays, my camera technology has advanced to a Canon 5D Mark iv, a Canon Powershot and GoPro for action and underwater photography and a GoPro Karma Drone for Ariel Photography.

Photographs tell a story in a universal language and my aim is to create images that can inspire and motivate us to take action towards a greener planet. I aim to create a website and share images and stories on social media that educate and raise awareness for conservation issues. I dedicate my time as a volunteer to help many of the amazing conservation organisations worldwide and I help to promote their work through my photography and fund raising through Creations for Conservation.

I do not get paid for my photography or writing. I do it because I love it and I want to do my part to help conserve our planet. I fund my travels, photography and writing by working hard and living on a strict budget. I have had no formal training in photography or building websites so everything you see here is what I have taught myself.

Any feedback or job opportunities please feel free to contact me.

Countries I have visited, photographed and volunteered in wildlife conservation